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Just Add it to the SOW …

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Here is our second installment of

Do the Documentation Maths

... Enjoy.  

What We Hear

"Just add a week or two it to the bottom of the SOW as documentation and training line … "

"We have run out of budgeted project hours on the SOW so we will just do a short knowledge transfer meeting in lieu of documentation and training."

"That was not in the original scope. We will need another SOW to cover documentation and training."

Do the Maths

The typical amount of consulting hours on an SOW to document 1 new planning model (just once) upon project delivery is ~40 hrs..

40 hrs * $200 = $8,000

What do you get for your ~8K? Sometime a lot. Sometime just a summary word document with lots of screen shots that will be out of date a month after you pay the bill.

Regardless, in three months time you might find that you are starting to loose trust in that initial ~8k word document. In 6 months time you might find you are now just starting to look directly at the model code again to try insure you know precisely what the code is actually doing and how are you going to make changes that won’t break the rest of your model. And, in twelve months time you may have thrown your hands up and stopped making any changes at all to your model for fear of what it might break.

We can Help

Wether you’re using QUBEdocs Local, QUBEdocs Cloud or QUBEdocs for Partners it will take you minutes to create your documentation. It will always be up to date, online and ready for you to search it, compare it or reuse it to create end user training materials and model health checks.

To document your model right now, click here.

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