• Scott Felten

Make your TM1 sit up and speak!

So, you brought TM1 onboard because you needed a purpose built solution with your organization's DNA at its heart. And, after a long design and build period, your model is finally ready just in time for budget season. Then, someone identifies a change that is needed, a new requirement that the original model didn't take into account. No worries though, after all, that is why you have TM1, right? The developers get back to work adding, adjusting, coding, releasing new builds. Then, almost as if you were in one of those scary movies, the mysterious errors start showing up. The work arounds start popping up, and before long everyone is saying the same thing: Where is the documentation? We need to understand what changed!

Well, as you might imagine, the documentation was started, but never finished. There just wasn't time with the pressure to release before the budget season started. So, you bring on another consultant to help unwind the changes that have been made but the first thing she tells you is that it might be some time since there is now documentation she will need to reverse engineer the whole model.

So, would it be nice if you could just click a button and get her what she needs? even better, would it be great if you could just schedule that button to be clicked nightly so the team can see what changed and when? if your answer is yes, read on.

We have built such a magical machine and we call it QUBEdocs. And now, with our latest offering, QUBEdocs Cloud, you can start a meeting with questions and by the end be reviewing a full set of as-built documentation for your model. Make your model sit up and speak!

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