• Scott Felten

Case Study: Top 5 Truck Maker Reduces TM1 Rollbacks by 80%

The Challenge

The organization implemented IBM Cognos TM1 about three years ago. Due to large TM1 models, performing full migrations with the appropriate security changes was time consuming. The organization needed a solution that allowed them to point out dependencies in TM1 quickly without drilling into each error. It was crucial to verify object dependencies and ensure that the administration team could work through migrations smoothly and sort out technical challenges with developers.

“I definitely recommend not implementing Cognos TM1 without also implementing QUBEdocs.” - BI Team Lead

The Results

Utilizing QUBEdocs for Cognos TM1, the organization was able to point out dependencies quickly and efficiently and could resolve problems without outside assistance or escalation, ultimately ensuring on- schedule projects, and reducing time.

“After implementing QUBEdocs, we instantly saw excellent results.”

The Bottom Line

Roll-backs of TM1 deployments have been reduced by about 80% since the organization implemented QUBEdocs. In addition, time spent on each migration is under 20% before the utilization of QUBEdocs.

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