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Where did They Learn to Code?!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Here is our third installment of

Do the Documentation Maths

... Enjoy.  

What We Hear

Here are some typical responses we hear from consultants and developers the first time they see a model they did not build themselves.

“They did some very strange stuff here!”

“They didn’t know what they were doing”

“It might be easier just to rebuild this model.”

Do the Maths

A typical planning model build can take up to 480+ hrs.

Models are complex. Your business is complex. Building a planning, budgeting and forecasting model that truly reflects the complexity in your business and allows you to slice, spin, spread and project takes time. It also takes a thoughtful design, a robust set of load processes and A LOT of business logic.

A small model build can look something like this: 480 hrs X $200 = $96,000

Is that something you really want to "rebuild" because your new developer / consultant can’t quickly reverse engineer the model you originally had built?

Developers, consultants, is that really what you want to tell your customers?

We can Help

Developers and consultants no longer need to dedicate weeks of project time to reverse engineer models just to understand how they were built.

To document your model right now, click here.

Click here to book a 30 - 60 minute web demo.

Are you a consultant or consultancy? Do you want to deliver QUBEdocs as a services to your clients? Click here to start the conversation with us.

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