• Scott Felten

Where is Waldo?

Here is our fourth installment of

Do the Documentation Maths

... Enjoy.

What We Hear

"We need to know everywhere that costcenter element is used in our model? Weekly! Ugh, looks like lunch at my desk on Mondays!"

"The logs are telling us that a missing element is causing this error but how do we find the absence of an element? There goes my morning!"

"We need to clean up orphan dimensions but which are the orphans? And are they still being used by any rules? Hmm, let’s just keep a list of the ones we use and ignore the rest. No harm no foul, right?"

"We need to update a dimension name in our model and need to find everywhere it is used. And, we mean everywhere! Oh Boy!"

Do the Maths

A small model might have 10+ cubes, 5+ dimensions per cube, 10+ rules per cube, 50+ TI processes per model and countless elements, attributes and subsets. It all adds up quickly!

It is safe to say that there are likely “thousands” of discrete objects, relationships and flows pushing and pulling on your models ... and the reports that sit on top of them.

We can Help

We might ruin a little of your finding Waldo fun but we think Waldo doesn’t belong in your models any more than orphan dimensions or errant elements do. QUBedocs scheduled snapshots track every single object, reveal every single relationship and follow every single flow so you can always find what your looking for.

Wether you use a simple or advanced search you can save your searches and repeat them as often as you like. You can use them across different models or even embed them into repeatable health check reports in our new Document Wiki (beta).

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