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WHO has been doing WHAT?!

Here is our fifth installment of

Do the Documentation Maths

... Enjoy.  

What We Hear

What we hear Planning Analytics (TM1) admins say often is that they need an easy way to see “who” has been doing “what” in the model. Sounds easy enough. Well, if you’re like most admins, that means you will be firing up your favorite text editor, hacking some regex and trying to decipher the TM1 server message logs (assuming you have them saved somewhere).

"Who logged into the server?"


"How often?"

"For how long?"

"What processes did they run?"

"What chores did they run?"

"Which dimensions did they change?"


… trust me, I can keep going.

Do the Maths

A Planning Analytics (TM1) server can produce thousands of messages per day taking up space and threatening to crash the server. Making sure logging is turned on and knowing which messages (log lines) are just “info” and which are “alerts” or “errors” is just the first step.

The calculation of how much this will cost you in time and effort isn’t just the easy bits of counting the alerts and errors. More relevant is the number of questions you will want to ask.

For instance, you might find yourself looking for a specific error … ok you found one!

Now, how many more of that error are there in this set?

When did they occur?

How often are they occurring?

When did they start?

What is happening just before them?

Is there an error cascade after them?

Ugh … it is exhausting just writing this up.

Here is the math as we see it:

time * models * logs * messages * questions = confusion + frustration + resignation

We can Help

Included in every QUBEdocs Cloud and QUBEdocs Cloud for Partners subscription is a state of the art Log File Search & Analysis (beta) solution. We have already answered many of the questions associated with working with TM1 server message log files out of the box. You can even upload your server message logs on a regular basis and store them in our cloud allowing you to look back on period over period code performance. Prebuilt dashboards, standard logger types, log level filters, user audits and key metrics tracking are all included.

Just imagine if you could see the health of your Turbo Integrator process scripts at the click of a button? Or, how about if you could pin point a specific error and know immediately when it started, how often it has happened before and where else in the model it has occurred. Or maybe you just want to know exactly who logged in when and did what!

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