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TM1 Model Docs in 5 Minutes ...

Building, Managing and Supporting TM1 (Planning Analytics) Models is a full-time job.  So, who has time to manually document them as well?  After all, manually documenting a single TM1 model can weeks, even months!


Wouldn't it be great if you could just click a few buttons and schedule daily docs to run at night? 


Watch it happen in less than 5 minutes below!  

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Log File Search & Analysis

Tm1 logs are a mess but they have the gold your looking for. 


Our focused dashboards allow you to see the big picture and then dig deep for the answers you need, Fast!  We've included reporting on key TM1 server metrics, process errors, user activities and more.

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So, why QUBEdocs Cloud?

No more servers to provision. No more implementation projects. Just sign up, setup and start having conversations about your models. Experience the power of enterprise features with the convenience of SaaS delivery. Plus, with this new offering, we have refreshed and added a few things:

Elegant User Experience - we’ve updated and aligned the UI with Planning Analytics.

New Questions To Ask - create and save new queries based on model relationships​

Powerful Model Analysis - discover, create and visualize relationships between servers/models.


Immediate Value - With cloud based delivery - you are always just a click away from answers.

QUBEdocs Cloud Features


Understand your TM1 server at a glance. Including reports on key TM1 server metrics, process errors, user activities and more. Quickly search and interrogate log files to proactively address problems.


Modeling is difficult. Getting it right takes time. That’s your job. We make sure your hard work is documented, automatically. Every version. Every environment.


Whether you’re looking for cube memory, user rights or process runs - QUBEdocs keeps track of all the stats that are important to you.



We've enhanced interactivity on diagrams. Build specific diagrams for different purposes and user groups or filtering out objects to better tailor your outputs.



Compare anything. QUBEdocs allows you to compare any model to another, enabling you to know what, when and where a change occurred


Great answers should tell you more than just what to do. Every answer in QUBEdocs is surrounded by context, so you can understand before you act.



Generate documentation directly via the TM1 REST API in addition to the upload packages. This paves the way for even tighter integration with Planning Analytics.



What do you need to find a needle in a haystack? A simple description of your needle, how it is different from the hay and a full-text index in QUBEdocs.



Migrating to production is easy. Knowing what to migrate is hard. QUBEdocs deployment planning ensures you choose the right version every time.

Problem Solving Capabilities

Let’s face it - processes fail, memory runs out and changes aren’t always defect-free. The good news is that QUBEdocs Cloud is regularly adding new analysis capabilities that allow you to find and fix problems quickly.

Be Prepared - Discover which cubes have a few too many rules or processes associated with them or which dimensions are updated by more than one process.

Get It Right - By performing a full relationship or impact analysis you can ensure the right business rules, feeders and processes are targeting the right cubes ahead of any changes.

Know Your Stuff - Check for areas that don’t conform with company standards by identifying which views and subsets don’t have the appropriate defaults.


Prove It - Perform a redundancy analysis on your models in QA to discover which processes are not required and which reference objects no longer exist.

Powerful Model Analysis

“Multiple applications within numerous models across different servers fed both manually and automatically by various data sources and offline processes.” 


That is hard enough to read much less visualize! Don’t worry - QUBEdocs does it for you.

  •  With diagrams that you can control and drill through to models, applications, and objects.

  • Whether from data sources to data flows or from cube rules to control cubes - the complexities of model relationships are untangled.


Visualize all the models in your environments and navigate between models and applications effortlessly.

Experience QUBEdocs Cloud for yourself

Case study: Pabst Beer

How Pabst is using QUBEdocs to increase financial visibility and control.

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