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Behind on documenting
financial model changes?

With QUBEdocs, one click and it's done.

IBM TM1 Data Model Mapping
SOX Audit Tools
IBM TM1 Data Model Mapping
SOX Audit Tools

Visualize and document your data environment

Make your Planning Analytics or Hyperion model work smarter

  • Change and document models rapidly
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Real-time information access
  • Easily see the impacts of model changes
  • Simplified audit preparation
  • Data governance and compliance support

Uses by Role

Organization-wide, QUBEdocs measurably improves productivity, visibility, and accuracy. Our software seamlessly integrates with your existing model and upgrades it in ways that elevate multiple departments' KPIs. 


  • Alleviate the burden of documentation– QUBEdocs does it for you with the click of a button or at scheduled intervals
  • Save time and increase efficiency with a visual representation of the entire model in real-time
  • Enhanced visibility allows you to update or redesign with confidence


  • Enterprise-wide model searchability makes required audit documentation easy to locate
  • Bolster your data governance program with QUBEdocs' automated documentation and user log features
  • Provide evidence for SOX requirements and any applicable compliance frameworks


  • Easily locate relevant business rules to explain forecast modeling
  • Documentation automation reduces human error and enforces top-of-the-line data hygiene
  • With the cleanest, up-to-date data, QUBEdocs supports key decision-making factors and business continuity planning

Industries We Serve

Business Consultants
Retail & Ecommerce
Financial Institutions
IT Security
Food & Beverage
Critical Infrastructure

Time to rebuild your IBM Planning Analytics model?




Partner Organizations

Become a partner

We partner with premier business consultancies worldwide– bringing financial planning & analytics software solutions to your enterprise clients. 

Discover how to use Planning Analytics more effectively

Across multiple teams and departments, QUBEdocs upgrades your IBM Planning Analytics experience and outcomes. Our software saves developers time, simplifies risk management and compliance efforts, and aids in accurate forecasting. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to get a complimentary data model health check: 
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  1. Discover any processes that failed and exactly why they failed.
  2. Identify invalid cubes and dimensions– and cubes without skipchecks and feeders.
  3. See what users changed which processes.
  4. Statements and queries clarity– Identify which processes use SQL queries. Understand the impact of MDX statements.
  5. Ensure you are compliant with IBM licence audit requirements.

A health check is the first step in unleashing all that QUBEdocs does to improve what you're able to do with your model data.