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QUBEdocs optimizes documentation and business analytics in TM1 and Hyperion, streamlining workflows and freeing up bandwidth for everyone at your organization. Accurate recordkeeping paired with powerful, accessible analytics empowers faster and better reporting, along with detailed model manipulation and predictions—company-wide benefits for all personnel.

Powerful, easily accessible documentation helps lift every individual at any organization. Our solutions unlock the power of financial planning and business analytical platforms such as IBM’s Planning Analytics, powered by TM1, or Oracle’s parallel Hyperion suite.

The broader impact of QUBEdocs is felt throughout the organization, and your team of developers, audit and compliance specialists, and FP&A teams will see immediate results. 

If Developers spend fewer resources on regular data check-ups, they provide greater value in R&D. If Compliance Specialists operate more efficiently, you’ll spend less time and money on audits and minimize the chances of compliance violations. Finally, a more robust and proactive FP&A division will make more and better data-backed decisions, optimizing ROI across all other segments and teams. QUBEdocs’ use cases empower all roles throughout your company.

QUBEdocs helps all stakeholders get more out of Planning Analytics and Hyperion.


QUBEdocs makes documentation of financial and other metrics easier on your development team. Individual developers will spend fewer hours digging through data and identifying errors.

QUBEdocs’ solutions for IBM Planning Analytics and Oracle Hyperion provide developers with:

  • Assessments – Schedule manual or automated assessments to regularly scan data sets and relationships for errors, missing information, and potentially costly inaccuracies
  • Visualization – Generate data visualizations with the click of a button. Powerful analytical tools take the elbow grease out of visualizing and mobilizing your data.
  • Efficiency – Optimum visibility and automation of data management tasks empower developers to perform higher-level tasks within data or other unrelated initiatives.
Minimize developer documentation burden to concentrate their talents on other projects. 


Streamline your compliance documentation to simplify SOX audits, assessments required for legal or industry-standard regulations, and other transparency initiatives for trust assurance.

QUBEdocs is the ideal solution for internal and external Compliance analysts, providing:



  • Searchability – As all-encompassing as they are, database platforms like TM1 lack basic functions like easy searchability. QUBEdocs adds these, making your records accessible.
  • Governance – Design, enforce, and assess data privacy protections across all your data sets with access privilege management and visibility over specific rules and metadata.
  • Assurance – Ensure your financial records and related data meet compliance standards, across various regulations, from one centralized database to minimize potential errors.
Reduce the resource drain of audits and reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties. 


Financial Planning and Analysis provide the lifeblood of any organization. Sustainable growth depends on sound predictions and modeling, regardless of what platform or database you use.

QUBEdocs empowers robust FP&A predictive analytics and overall business intelligence with:



  • Automation – Run base calculations in the background, making individual inputs and relationships between data sets easier to find. Explain forecasts in a fraction of the time.
  • Decision Making – Analytic capabilities generate greater insights from past data, which empower a stronger predictive force for models and projections of future outcomes.
  • Confidence – Present actionable, up-to-date business intelligence to stakeholders to substantiate predictions and suggestions. Whatever the call is, make it with conviction.
Ensure your business is growing and accurately forecasting. 
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Reaping the benefits of QUBEdocs across all segments and teams of your organization begins with a data model health check, which we will provide free of charge. Want to get started?