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Preserving Institutional Knowledge in Planning Analytics with QUBEdocs

QUBEDocs June 23, 2023 at 2:18 PM
Empty Desk, caption: what happens if my senior planning analytics developer leaves?


Picture this scenario: Your senior Planning Analytics developer walks into your office and hands in their resignation letter. Gulp. You may think everything will crumble now that they’re leaving. All the years of knowledge, the critical insights, and the best practices that they’ve gathered will disappear with them. Your company will be left with a massive void and a lot of unanswered questions. Scary, right? Well, that’s where QUBEdocs comes into play.

Preserving institutional knowledge can be a real struggle for companies that rely on small, specialized development teams to build and maintain models with IBM Planning Analytics. However, by using QUBEdocs, you can keep all the intellectual property within your organization while ensuring continuity, accuracy, and efficiency in your Planning Analytics environment. In this blog, we’ll dig into the why, what, and how of preserving your institutional knowledge in IBM Planning Analytics with QUBEdocs.


Why is institutional knowledge important in IBM Planning Analytics?

The first step in preserving institutional knowledge is understanding its value. Institutional knowledge is the cumulative knowledge and experience that an organization has built over time. It's the expertise and lessons learned that are essential to maintaining an optimized and efficient Planning Analytics environment. Without it, it's like starting from scratch - business rules, calculations, data, and models may not be replicated, and there’s a high possibility of errors, inefficiencies, and lost opportunities.


What is QUBEdocs?

QUBEdocs is a leading software for documenting, managing, and measuring changes in IBM Planning Analytics. It enables you to keep track of changes made to cube structures, processes, and other objects inside the application. It also provides a browser-based interface where you can analyze and visualize the relationships between the objects. Plus, QUBEdocs automates the documentation process by taking snapshots of cubes, processes, and other objects, so you have a versioned copy of each of them.


How can QUBEdocs help preserve institutional knowledge?

By using QUBEdocs, a “corporate memory bank” is created for each Planning Analytics environment. It helps you capture, maintain, and leverage institutional knowledge by assigning responsibility for each object and capturing historical changes made to them. The platform provides a clear understanding of how cubes, dimensions, processes, and other objects are structured and how data flows from one end to another. It increases transparency, reduces risks, and improves governance.

QUBEdocs also makes it easy for new team members to gain an understanding of the environment and minimize the gap left by departing employees. Moreover, it helps ensure accuracy and consistency since you have a centralized repository of information about your IBM Planning Analytics environment, its components, and how they work together. It helps optimize existing processes, reduce the risk of errors, and save time.


Preserving institutional knowledge isn't just about retaining the people who created it; it’s about ensuring that the benefits of their experience aren't lost with them. With QUBEdocs, you can achieve a high level of institutional knowledge continuity and provide the foundation for successful Planning Analytics deployments. It's a powerful and user-friendly tool that can help maintain your environment's accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. By using QUBEdocs, you can ensure Planning Analytics lives up to its potential, providing the insights and analytics you need to make better business decisions. So, what are you waiting for? Get QUBEdocs now and start preserving your institutional knowledge.




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